Saturday, 26 October 2013

Pass Plus

Pass Plus
When someone has passed their driving test, they are not fully confident with driving in all conditions.
Once you have passed your test you can undertake a Pass Plus Course to assist.  Successful completion of this course can also result in your insurance premium being reduced.
You will have 6 hours extra training, giving you more experience at the wheel.
I provide the course over 3 x 2hr sessions and will provide much needed experience of busier and much faster roads.
On completion of the 6 sessions to an 'achieved' or 'exceeded' standard, which is assessed continually throughout the 6 hours, I will send the completed training form to the DSA Pass Plus Unit and they will issue you with your Pass Plus Certificate.
Pass Plus consists of 6 practical modules:-
• Town Driving
• All-weather Driving
• Out of Town Driving
• Night Driving
• Dual Carriageways
• Motorways
​If this is something that you would be interested in then contact Pro-Motion Driving School on 07740165983 or email

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