Saturday, 26 October 2013

Remember The New Driving Laws

Since 16th August 2013, careless drivers who put others at risk by tailgaiting or having poor lane discipline will face on the spot fines.
This means that Police now have far more flexibiity in dealing with less serious driving offences as it reduces the administration required in dealing with the court process.
If Police catch you using a mobile phone whilst driving, the fine has also now increased to £100.
I think we can all agree that careless driving risks lives so this should allow Police to deal with these offences immediately.  By doing so it will make drivers more responsible for their actions quicker.
The fixed penalty for careless driving has also increased to £100 and 3 penalty points will be issued.  However, it should still be remembered that the more serious road traffic offences will still go through the Courts.
Another option available to the Police is for educational training to be undertaken instead of an endorsement being applied to a driving licence.
It is therefore imperative the drivers, young and old, learners and qualified drivers, are aware of these new powers that Police have.
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